Falling In Love Again    1979
The Solitary Man    TV, 1979
Delta House    TV-series, 1979
Hollywood Knights    1980
B.A.D. Cats    TV-series, 1980
Charlie Chan And The Curse Of The Dragon Queen    1980
Splendor In The Grass    TV, 1981
The Children Nobody Wanted    TV, 1981
Callie And Son    TV, 1981
Grease 2    1982
Scarface    1983
One Too Many    TV, 1983
Ladyhawke    1985
Into The Night    1985
Sweet Liberty    1985
The Witches Of Eastwick    1987
Power, Passion And Murder    TV, 1987
Natica Jackson    TV, 1987
Amazon Women On The Moon    1987
Tequila Sunrise    1988
Dangerous Liaisons    1988
Married To The Mob    1988
The Fabulous Baker Boys    1989
The Russia House    1990
Frankie And Johnny    1991
Love Field    1992
Batman Returns    1992
The Age Of Innocence    1993
Wolf   1994
Dangerous Minds   1995
Up Close And Personal    1996
To Gillian On Her 37th Birthday    1996
One Fine Day    1996
A Thousand Acres    1997
The Prince Of Egypt    Voice only, 1998
A Midsummer Night's Dream    1999
The Deep End Of The Ocean    1999
The Story Of Us    1999
What Lies Beneath    2000

Michelle Pfeiffer In Conversation    (Interview CD)
Grease 2    (Motion Picture Soundtrack with Michelle on vocals)
The Fabulous Baker Boys    (Motion Picture Soundtrack with Michelle on vocals)
The Simpsons: The Last Temptation Of Homer    (Voice only)